Find the Idea. Make it Big.



I am a Creative Director at Imaginasium, a full service branding and internal alignment firm in Green Bay, WI. We specialize in uncovering a company’s unique story, then helping them live it — with both their internal and external audiences.

Before joining Imaginasium, I was a freelance designer for two years. That experience, along with my years in sales right after college, developed strong presentation and management skills that continue to serve me in any role. Prior to freelancing, I was art director for a boutique agency in Sheboygan, WI called ZDO.


The idea has to be king. I approach design, creative writing and my professional life with this philosophy. It doesn’t matter if it’s pretty if it’s not based on a bigger idea or emotion that compels action.

Once found, our responsibility is to work diligently to bring it to life. If the idea is king, then execution is his rather dominating queen. The best idea poorly executed is just as ineffective as a misguided idea executed brilliantly.


Download my resume for an overview of the last 15 years work history. Every role I’ve had has required me to “wear many hats” and each have developed different skill sets, from presentation and persuasion to concept development and creative team leadership.