Through eleven years of creative experience, I thrive on finding “the big idea” that ramps up the conversation, the marketplace. The results.


FEBRUARY 2013 //////////////////////
Type Design Posters
Type Design PostersConcept Development, Copy Writing, Design
MARCH 2012 /////////////////////////
Snow Tracks Short Story
Snow Tracks Short StoryWriting, Illustration, Art Direction
AUGUST 2012/////////////////////////
Aaron Rodgers Campaign
Aaron Rodgers CampaignConcept, Creative Direction, Video Direction
JULY 2010 ///////////////////////////
Prevea New Moms Campaign
Prevea New Moms CampaignArt Direction, Concept, Video Direction
OCTOBER 2011 ///////////////////////
Paul Hornung Website
Paul Hornung WebsiteConcept, Art Direction, Information Architecture
APRIL 2010 ///////////////////////////
Lead Well Corporate Wellness
Lead Well Corporate WellnessConcept, Art Direction, Photo Direction
MARCH 2011 /////////////////////////
St. Norbert College
St. Norbert CollegeArt Direction, Video Direction, Project Management
JUNE 2006 ///////////////////////////
Two Wedding Photography
Two Wedding PhotographyPhotography, Art Direction, Writing, Biz Ownership
JANUARY 2011 ///////////////////////
Integrys Annual Report
Integrys Annual ReportArt Direction, Photo Direction, Project Management
OCTOBER 2011 ///////////////////////
Brand Alignment University
Brand Alignment UniversityConcept, Art Direction, Event Planning
MARCH 2013 /////////////////////////
IllustrationIllustration, Art Direction, Self Promotion
2013 /////////////////////////////////
Logo Design
Logo DesignConcept, Design